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Sigga Vigga is probably the first Icelandic comix hero. She appeared first on the pages of Icelandic magazine Alþýðublaðið in 1959. At that time Iceland was at war with the UK. Cod war. Sigga Vigga was a character that worked in the fishing industries and the narration was straight to the point and witty and the author Gísli J. Ástþórsson (1923 - 2012) was a true pioneer in the comix genre in Iceland. This book is a complete collection of the adventures of Sigga Vigga and friends. 


ISBN 9789935971906

Author Gísli J. Ástþórsson, introduction by Úlfhildur Dagsdóttir

Publisher PSSÁ Books, 2023 

Format Paperback

Pages 512 


Sigga Vigga og tilveran

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