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This volume presents a selection of essays on northern saga, chronicle and romance written over a period of forty years by the late Professor Robert Cook (1932-2011), one of the most insightful scholars of his generation in the fields of medieval English, European and in particular Icelandic literature. All the articles have previously appeared in print in academic journals or conference preprints; the present volume gathers them together in more readily accessible form. They are organized into sections that reflect three of Robert’s primary scholarly interests: Íslendingasögur (the Sagas of Icelanders), historical writing in post-Reformation Iceland, and the reception in medieval Scandinavia of works by Chrétien de Troyes and Marie de France.


ISBN 9789935232847

Author Robert Cook

Publisher The University of Iceland Press, 2023 

Format Softcover, 23 cm

Pages 450

Saga Chronicle Romance

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