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Birtingur was a literarey/art magazine published in Iceland 1955-1968. Named after the philosophical novel by Voltaire, Candide (translated into Icelandic by nobel author Halldór Laxness as Birtingur and published in 1945), it was nothing short of instrumental in shaping modernism in Icelandic art and literature. It served as a platform for discussions for Icelandic artists and authors and was heavily debated all over the country. This book by Þröstur Helgason is truly a welcome input into the Icelandic literary and art history. 


ISBN 9789935232397

Author Þröstur Helgason

Publisher The University of Iceland Press, 2020

Format Paperback, 23 cm

Pages 439

Opna svæðið. Tímaritið Birtingur og íslenskur módernismi

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