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This book traces how harpsichord player Helga Ingólfsdóttir (1942 - 2009) changed how Icelanders see and hear baroque music while being at the same time a very prolific musician and interpreter of baroque music. The book also sets out to open a converstaion about contemporary Icelandic music but Helga has also made a great impression on contemporary Icelandic composers. Included are 6 cd´s with Helga´s playing. A true gem of a book.


ISBN 9789935465726

Author Kolbeinn Bjarnason

Publisher Sæmundur, 2018

Format Hardcover, 6 cd´s 

Pages 450

Helguleikur – saga Helgu Ingólfsdóttur og Sumartónleika í Skálholtskirkju

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