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Geirfuglinn (Pinguinus impennis) has been shrouded by a cloud of remorse in Icelandic natural history. It is propably not the only animal to become extinct in Iceland but by far the most famous. It could not fly so it was one of those animals in human history that was an easy target for hunters. There is a tale alive to this day however when the last Geirfugl was caught and slaughtered. Here, anthropologist Gísli Pálsson author of the award winning book Hans Jónatan: maðurinn sem stal sjálfum sér, goes over this amazing and interesting story of the Geirfugl. 


ISBN 9789979341468

Author Gísli Pálsson

Publisher Mál og menning, 2020

Format Softcover

Pages 245

Fuglinn sem gat ekki flogið

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