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The amazing performance by Icelandic women in the CrossFit Championship, have made the word "dóttir" (daughter) a sign of excellence. So, it is a fitting name for Katrín Tanja's biography. Katrín has won the World Championship in CrossFit twice and reveals in this book how she overcame the challanges in the sport. Marvelous insight into the world of CrossFit and a must read for every fan. Translated by Helgi Ágústsson. 


ISBN 9789979225669

Authors Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir & Rory Mckiernan

Publisher Vaka-Helgafell, 2020

Format Softcover

Pages 287

Dóttir. Leið mín til tveggja heimsmeistaratitla í Cross Fit

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