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Icelandic artist Birgir Andrésson (1955-2007) was a unique artist with a unique vision on Iceland and Icelandic society and culture. This book is written by American art critic Robert Hobbs who curated an exhibition of Birgir Andrésson works that opened at the Reykjavík Art Museum in January this year. It also contains interviews by Þröstur Helgason with Birgir. With an introduction by Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson. All text in English. 


ISBN  9783954764129

Author Robert Hobbs & Þröstur Helgason 

Publisher i8 Gallery, Distanz Verlag, 2022

Format Hardcover, 29.5 cm x 25 cm

Pages 432

Birgir Andrésson in icelandic colours

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