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The full name of Bíbí  was Bjargey Kristjánsdóttir (1927 – 1999). Berlín refers to the farm just out of Hofsós in the North West of Iceland,where she lived. She got sick early in youth and was for the rest of her life regarded as an "imbecile" by her family and those around her. When her mother died, she was sent to live at the age of thirty in an old people's home and lived there for two decades. For the rest of her life however, she lived in the village of Blönduós. No one ever thought she could write but this is her autobiography. The book is volume 29 in the series Samples of Icelandic Folk Culture. 


ISBN 9789935232762

Editor Guðrún Valgerður Stefánsdóttir

Publisher The Icelandic University Press, 2022

Format Paperback, 23 cm

Pages 368 

Bíbí í Berlín

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