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When his mother died and left behind eight children, Jónas Kristjánsson swore he would become a doctor. That was in 1881 in Iceland and he was eleven years old from a poor family. His father died a few years later and the rest of the family was broken up to live on various farms and many went to North America in search of a better life. Jónas however fought hard to become a doctor and did so and years later founded the health clinic in Hveragerði, still operating to this day. In this book his great grandson, historian Pálmi Jónasson, writes about his work, vision and ambition to die from a better world. 


ISBN 9789935302939

Author Pálmi Jónasson

Publisher Fagurskinna, 2023

Format Hardcover, 23 cm

Pages 444

Að deyja frá betri heimi: ævisaga Jónasar Kristjánssonar læknis

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