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Who is Sigvaldi ?

In short, Sigvaldi is based on two things, the old fashion idea that people like, want, need, love, cherish books and supplying Icelandic literature and academic literature to libraries and university institutions around the world.  

So the idea of offering books for sale is not a novel one. You could even say that there is a general interest in buying and obtaining books through online stores. Sigvaldi though believes he has something unique to offer. Icelandic literature, poetry in particular and service to libraries and universities.

 Through years of working with Icelandic literature in libraries as well as in a bookstore I have felt that it could be better presented and made more easily available abroad. This applies in particular to Icelandic poetry and academic literature. The interest for Icelandic literature is indeed there based mainly on the  rich heritage of the Icelandic Sagas and Edda poetry. Sigvaldi is thought as both an active online store as well as providing information about Icelandic literature.  

I am however also an avid reader of books about music, based on my many years of playing drums and percussion in various Icelandic bands and orchestras. I post reviews about the books I have read as a platform for discussion and in an effort to keep the scene alive so to say.  

Last but not the least, potatoes also need their fair share. They will be covered in detail but unfortunately not available for purchase through the site. 

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